Do you love your space under your existing roof or porch but wish you were able get more use out of it? You may want to consider enclosing that area utilizing Patio Enclosures® brand Sunroom Products, we can customize and enclose your space with our various window and door systems to fit your existing openings with precision fit. We offer single & double pane glass option, three and four-season products.

Discover more about our enclosed porch options by viewing our different types below.

Helpful Information

Enclosing an Existing Patio, Porch or Deck Space

Do you have an existing roof or porch you find yourself not utilizing to its fullest potential due inclement weather or bugs? Patio Enclosures products can help! We specialize in enclosing under existing roofs to create a new living space. This will add value and increase living space for your home and family. View Photos

The Benefits of Adding a Porch Enclosure to Your Home

If you have a Roof or porch that is rarely used due to weather or bugs, consider enclosing it! Patio Enclosures can enclose just about any space with either a screen or glass system so you can still enjoy maximum views and the breeze without the bugs or exposure to the elements.

View our photos and get inspiration for your enclosed porch.

10 Sunroom Features You Should Know

Before you decide on a sunroom, it’s important to understand the features and options that are available to you. Learn 10 important sunroom features to help you decide which room is right for you and your home.

Pricing & Cost Factors

At Complete Home Construction Patio Enclosures, we understand that enclosing your existing porch can be expense. Every under existing roof has its unique characteristics that must be factored into each sunroom designed. What are the opening sizes, are the existing posts spaced evenly apart, windows or doors, is the base structure Frost protected or is it simple landscaping?

For more information about our financing options, visit our Specials & Financing page.

Warranty Information

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on every one of our custom-made enclosures. It covers all manufacturers’ products, including glass, roof panels, framing, seals and more. Patio Enclosures takes every step to ensure your sunroom will perform for a lifetime.


Depending on the needs and specific configuration of your space, local building codes, and your budget, we can create the perfect screened-in or glass enclosed porch, deck or patio for your home.

View our Patio Enclosures® room collections below to determine if a screen room, three season room, four season room or solarium may be right for you. We can even build your enclosed space under your existing roof utilizing your existing foundation. The possibilities are truly endless since each enclosure we make is custom designed – made just for you and your home.

Enjoy the breeze without the bugs!

  • Screen rooms allow you to enjoy the sights, smells and breeze of the outdoors without the nuisance of bugs.
  • Easy to maintain and keep updated.
  • Learn about enclosing your porch with our operable screen system.


Get more seasonal enjoyment from your patio, deck or porch!

  • Depending on your climate, three season rooms allow you to enjoy spring, summer and fall in comfort!
  • Full-length glass and screen rolling panels allow you to control the air flow and offer protection from the elements.
  • Learn about enclosing your patio, deck or porch with our three season room system.
  • View Three Season Rooms


Enjoy your porch year-round!

  • Four season rooms allow you to truly enjoy your outdoor space every day of the year, regardless of your climate, due to the thermally engineered frame.
  • Full-length glass and screen rolling panels allow you to control the amount of air flow and offer protection from the elements.
  • A zone heating and cooling system will allow you to select the perfect temperature for your porch.
  • Learn more about enclosing your porch with a Patio Enclosures® four season room system.
  • View Four Season Rooms


Create a truly unique space with a solarium!

  • If you enjoy stargazing at night and basking in the sun during the day, a solarium may be the perfect space for you.
  • This all-glass room, including the roof, allows you to view your surroundings uninterrupted.
  • Add full length rolling glass and screen panels for maximum ventilation.
  • Learn more about enclosing your porch with a one-of-a-kind solarium.
  • View Solariums

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