Enjoy the beauty of outside into your home year-round. Complete Home Construction can build your new Patio Enclosures® four season sunroom for you to enjoy all day, every day, no matter the weather outside. Our four season sunrooms have been designed to meet and exceed building code minimum standards to provide you not only a room full of glass and year round living but also high efficiency.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Patio Enclosures brand four season vinyl and four season aluminum rooms below.

Helpful Information

What is a Patio Enclosures Four Season Room?

A four-season sunroom is an enclosed room generally with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. windows and doors. The main characteristic noticed with a four seasons sunroom is the roof is solid and not glass.

The solid roofs offer a higher level of insulation and efficiency for the most cost conscientious consumer. If added light is required, CHC Patio Enclosures can install our patented 3’x3’ Glass roof panels or custom sized traditional skylights. Our four seasons roofs come in 6” insulated Foam panels or traditionally built wood framed to blend with the homes exterior.

Learn more about the features and benefits of our four season vinyl and four season aluminum rooms below.

What is the Difference Between a Patio Enclosures All Season and Four Season Room?

Patio Enclosures brand all season rooms are commonly referred to as four season rooms. The terms categorize a type of sunroom that can be heated and cooled throughout all four seasons! Depending on where you live, they may be more commonly referred to as one or the other. Patio Enclosures brand all season and four season rooms are engineered to be enjoyed every season of the year and typically have floor-to-ceiling windows and doors on three walls to provide you with an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Learn more about All Season vs. Four Season Rooms or visit our Four Season Rooms Gallery.

10 Sunroom Features You Should Know

Before you decide on a sunroom, it’s important to understand the features and options that are available to you. Learn 10 important sunroom features to help you decide which room is right for you and your home.

Pricing and Cost Factors

At Complete Home Construction Patio Enclosures, we understand that adding a sunroom addition to your home can be a big expense. Every home has its own unique characteristics that must be factored in to each sunroom designed. This is why the same room on a different home can have the cost vary with items such as, type of foundation, connection to home, is it a bungalow or a two story, do you require a concrete foundation or deck and post? This why you will not find Sunroom Addition Cost listed on our website.

For more information about our financing options, visit our Specials and Financing Page.

Warranty Information

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on every one of our custom-made enclosures. It covers all manufacturers’ products, including glass, roof panels, framing, seals and more. Patio Enclosures takes every step to ensure your sunroom will perform for a lifetime.


Four Season Aluminum Sunrooms

Patio Enclosures four season aluminum rooms are designed to be heated and cooled, so you can use your sunroom year-round. Unlike others, our aluminum extrusions provide the highest resistance to scratching, fading, peeling and chipping in the industry. Your Patio Enclosures sunroom will hold its color and new look.


Four Season Vinyl Sunrooms

Celebrate vinyl with our reinforced vinyl sunroom – a perfect room addition for your vinyl-sided home. The vinyl doors and exterior finishes of this room are virtually maintenance free. Vinyl is easy to clean, and is less likely to show wear such as scratches or dents, keeping its new look. Plus, our vinyl doors feature factory-welded corners, which are structurally stronger than other types of corner assemblies, providing you a room that will last a lifetime.

Master Frame

4 1/4-inch thermally engineered aluminum frame

  • Allows for year-round heating and cooling due to its thermally engineered frame
  • Provides structural integrity meeting and exceeding local and national building codes

4 15/16-inch structurally reinforced vinyl frame with 4-point welded corners

  • Allows for year-round heating and cooling due to its thermally broken frame
  • Independent aluminum support frame is inserted inside the vinyl for maximum structural integrity

Frame Colors

Choose from white, sandstone or bronze (Aluminum only)

  • Our finishes provide the highest resistance to scratching, fading, peeling and chipping – giving you great color for the life of your room
  • Neutral color palette ensures your enclosure will coordinate with your existing home

Choose from white or sandstone (Vinyl only)

  • Neutral color palette ensures your enclosure will coordinate with your existing home


Internal electrical raceway

  • Allows easy access to wire your screen room for convenience
  • Our specially designed electrical raceway makes wiring your room a breeze
  • Subject to local building codes


Roof Types

Single Slope

  • Consists of one roof section sloping in one direction
  • Adjustable pitch for maximum flexibility
  • Also known as a shed roof


  • Consists of two roof sections sloping in opposite directions from a center ridge beam
  • Adjustable pitch for maximum flexibility
  • Also known as a peaked or pitched roof

Under Existing

  • Due to the custom nature of our products we can utilize your existing porch or patio roof and build our rooms underneath

Roof Materials

6-inch insulated panels with structural I-beams and thermal barriers

  • Provides maximum insulation to keep you comfortable
  • I-beams provide maximum strength and stability for your roof
  • Allows you to construct a larger room because the larger 6-inch insulated panels are thicker
  • Can be shingled for a seamless look or leave it as a metal roof

Custom wood roof

  • Accents and complements your home

Patented glass roof panels (optional)

  • Allows for maximum natural light to brighten your space
  • Removable screens allow you to control the amount of incoming light
  • Flush with roof to prevent snow and ice buildup


Glass Types

Double-pane insulated glass

  • Improves heating and cooling performance better than single-pane glass
  • Blocks UV rays 44% more effectively than ordinary glass (more if you add a glass tint)

Comfort-Gard® Plus High-Performance Glass soft-coat Low-E and argon gas (optional)

  • Most advanced glass available to maximize heating and cooling return
  • Keeps you warmer in winter
  • Reduces cooling costs by as much as 25% in summer
  • Saves your fabric by blocking UV rays 90% more effectively than ordinary glass (more if you add a glass tint)

Glass Tints


  • Provides your home with shading and UV protection while reducing solar heat gain adding to your comfort



7/8-inch-thick, butt-joined, extruded aluminum frame (Aluminum only)

  • Extruded aluminum frame provides maximum durability
  • Butt-joint keeps screen square

3/4-inch beveled, extruded aluminum frame with patented corner keys (Vinyl only)

  • Patented corner keys keep the screen strong and secure even after years of use
  • Extruded aluminum won’t bend
  • Rounded and beveled for an attractive look

Screen Mesh

  • “Invisible” black-painted aluminum screening provides visibility without glare
  • Offers superior strength, stays cleaner and resists sagging better than traditional fiberglass

Door & Window Rolling System

Monorail with ball-bearing wheels in nylon tires (Aluminum only)

  • Durable and reliable, these were originally designed for European commuter train doors
  • Polymer-composite tires won’t wear out the track

Monorail with ball-bearing wheels in nylon tires (Vinyl only)

  • Tires won’t flatten out under weight of the door and won’t crack in cold weather
  • Ball-bearing wheels in nylon tires will never wear out the tracks in your room, providing easy operation of your doors and windows for the life of your room

Door Handles

Color-matched Euro style

  • Easy grip, low profile handle matches frame color
  • Handle engages and disengages locking system with a simple turn

Locking System

Dual-point throw-bolt locking system with night latch

  • Top and bottom throw-bolts provide added security for you and your family
  • Eliminates the need for dead bolts
  • Provides a secure way to ventilate your room while keeping children and pets safe


Advanced Weatherlock with interlock sash

  • Provides additional protection from the elements with interlocking sashes

Weather Stripping

Triple polypropylene with fin seal

  • Adds comfort by offering superior draft and weather resistance
  • Keeps debris and bugs out
  • Fin seal provides additional water infiltration protection

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